TOEIC Grammar Lesson - How To Use Yet

toeic grammar Aug 23, 2023

How do we use the adverb of time, YET?

There are a variety of English grammar patterns that are tested on the TOEIC® exam. Yet is one of the adverbs of time that often appears in Part V and Part VI. 

We use YET to say that something that we expected hasn’t happened. Usually, yet comes at the end of a sentence.

  • Let’s wait a few more minutes. It hasn’t stopped raining yet.
  • Have you heard from Jack yet?

In formal English, YET can come between the auxiliary verb and the main verb:

  • I haven’t yet found a good pizza shop near my office.
  • I don't yet know the details of the new company vacation policy.

We use YET as a conjunction to introduce something that is surprising or unexpected.

  • Mr. Waters never finished university, yet he became the head of a major international company.
  • In the last quarter, sales were up, yet profits were low.

👉 Keep in mind the best way to remember this grammar or any grammar or vocabulary in English is to take the word or phrase, write it in a sentence that's true for you or true in your world, and then memorize your sentences.

👉 You can even take your sentences and write them in the comments below. I would love to see your examples.

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