TOEIC Grammar Lesson - How To Use Would Have

toeic grammar Aug 16, 2023

How do we use would have?

There are a variety of English grammar patterns that are tested on the TOEIC® exam. Would have is a past modal verb and often appears in Part V and Part VI. 

We use would have to show that we wanted to do something but didn't do it.

  • I would have studied harder for the exam, but I had to work all weekend. 
  • Annie would have accepted the job offer if the salary had been more competitive.

On the other hand, we use would not have or wouldn't have to show that we did not want something to happen in the past, but it occurred anyway.

  • I wouldn't have eaten that spicy food if I had known it would upset my stomach later.
  • Jack left the house in plenty of time and would not have missed his flight, but he decided to take a taxi instead of a train and got stuck in rush hour traffic.

👉 Keep in mind the best way to remember this grammar or any grammar or vocabulary in English is to take the word or phrase, write it in a sentence that's true for you or true in your world, and then memorize your sentences.

👉 You can even take your sentences and write them in the comments below. I would love to see your examples.

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