I'm Your English Teacher, Michael

I am a native New Yorker. I have been helping language students learn English since the early 1990's. I began my formal language-teaching career in Sendai, Japan in 1994.

That's me around 1995 making posters for my classroom

Since then, I have worked in the ESL field as an instructor, a teacher trainer, an academic director, and a language school director. In 2004, I earned an MBA in Global Management. Now, I am the founder of Happy English, an English tutoring company in New York City. I teach students from all over the world here in New York, and online in their country.

Teaching a one-to-one English lesson

My one-to-one English tutoring is ideal for language students, homemakers, and business professionals who want to make their English better. (Note that as of March, 2020, all lessons are given online.)

I create each lesson for each student on a one-to-one basis. Your lesson is prepared just for you, and it is my goal to make sure that what you study is directly related to your everyday life. You and your topics are the focus of the lesson. Only my Happy English lesson is totally focused on your needs and the English you need to use in your everyday life. This unique lesson style puts you in control of the topic, and studying English through your topics leads to better understanding and retention of the grammar and vocabulary learned in each lesson.

My online English courses are ideal for those who want to improve their English anywhere and any time.

Language has input (reading and listening) and output (writing and speaking). I will make sure that you have the chance to practice all four skills each week. In our lesson, we will focus on speaking and listening – learning English in a holistic way. In addition, all of my students have an ongoing writing project that helps them think in English and use English at home. You can do this!