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From the beginning, I got that Michael wasn’t a regular teacher. Lesson after lesson I saw my English vocabulary grow along with my confidence. I took many classes and his approach was very friendly since the beginning. I can't hide the fact that we became friends, but I’d also like to underline that if you are serious about learning English you are in the right place!


Michael is an amazing English teacher with a passion for helping students enjoy learning English. Through private English lessons with him, not only have my speaking and writing skills improved, but also my world view was broadened. I really got a lot out of taking these lessons and practicing my English. Thank you so much for wonderful lessons, Michael!


First of all, he is the best teacher. That’s because I was not able to continue studying English before I met him. He changed me. His lesson is fun and easy to understand for me. He gives us good tips to improve English skills. I'm learning a lot from him.Thanks Michael


I will work hard to improve my English and I will spend more time learning English with your help. Maybe I will not do all the homework online but I will certainly spend time checking your website as well. Again, thank you for being such a good teacher to us.


Thank you so much for your great efforts for the English learners. Please, keep up your wonderful work! God bless you!

I'm also a language learner

I get it!

I lived abroad for 4 years in Japan, where I struggled with the language in a lot of situations, like at the barber and the dry cleaner, at parties, and especially on the telephone.

I know it's not easy trying to learn another language, but it's not impossible.


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  • FREE 14-Day Trial
  • All of the over 350 English Lessons
  • New Lessons Each Week
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching (on Zoom) with Michael
  • Downloadable Materials
  • Private Telegram Group Access



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  • FREE 14-Day Trial
  • All of the over 350 English Lessons
  • New Lessons Each Week
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching (on Zoom) with Michael
  • Downloadable Materials
  • Private Telegram Group Access