7 Phrasal Verbs Using BLOW

phrasal verbs podcast Jun 08, 2021

For today’s English lesson, let’s take a look at seven phrasal verbs that use blow. This is vocabulary that you can use in your everyday English conversations and writing. By the way, I want to remind you that blow is an irregular verb and the three parts are blow, blew, and blown. Ok, Let’s check it out.

Here are some of the example sentences. To get the rest and the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or get the transcript for the details.

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  • Paul McCartney blows me away. Even though he is 78 years old, he is still making new music and touring.
  • The Picasso exhibition in the museum really blew me away.I am blown away by Paul McCartney. What an amazing musician.
  • I was blown away by the Picasso exhibition.
  • I heard that Jack blew into town last night. I hope I get a chance to see him.
  • My cousin blew in this morning on his way to Boston just to say hi.
  • I scheduled a couple of appointments for people to come for a job interview this morning but one of them blew me off.
  • The last time I asked Tommy to pick me up at the station he blew me off, so I’m never going to ask him for a favor again.
  • I’m supposed to go to a meeting this afternoon but I think I’m going to blow it off because I’m too tired.
  • All of the candles blew out when I opened the window.
  • The explosion caused the laboratory door and windows to blow out.
  • It seems like the light bulb in my refrigerator blew out. I have to look for a replacement.
  • If you use the microwave oven and the hairdryer at the same time the fuse will certainly blow out.
  • Kim often has arguments with her husband but it usually blows over quickly.
  • Our customer is still angry because we lost his shipment last month. I wonder when is this going to blow over.
  • My friend Stephen likes to blow up fireworks on Independence Day.
  • Please don’t smoke a cigarette while you’re putting gasoline in the car. You don’t want to blow up, do you?
  • The boss blew up when I came to the office late this morning. I’d better be careful tomorrow.
  • My wife really blew up when I came home at 2 AM last night. Oops!

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